Pusat Data

To ensure 24x7 operations, our data center has been designed to meet with TIA 942 - Data center requirement for Tier-3 capacity, with floor-load up to 1,000 kg/m2. Main source of electricity comes from PLN and fully backed-up by fallback UPS system (up to 60 minutes of backup time) and standby power generator equipped with Automatic Transfer Switch.

      Our Data Center Services include:Environmental Management:
      This function is responsible for Data Center infrastructure including but not limited to power system [UPS and generator], cooling system [temperature and humidity], security [access control and physical], and cleanliness.
    • System Management:
    • - Technical Support for supporting Hardware and its Operating System
      Network Support for first & second level problem handling.
    • Quality Management
    • - IT Audit including regulatory and client audit. DiAntara will also always conducts internal audit in every 6 months. The audit is based on existing SOP and Policy.
    - Change Management for making sure that any changes made in the Data Center [e.g. environment or hardware and system] must follow valid Policy and SOP. Other roles and responsibilities for Quality Management include but not limited to change request management, fallback plan analysis, monitoring change request implementation, post implementation review and change activity reporting.
  • Production Support: day-to-day operational activities such as back-up / restore process and media safekeeping process.
  • Disaster Recovery Support